Web Hosting

Web designing and maintaining the resources on the web is called content resource management . Its not very difficult but time consuming . Out of billions of web pages your web page would strive for actions and in this competitive world these feats are realised with a team of talented young enthusiast. We hae such a team who dedicate its time and for a nominal monthly fees of Rs 700 , we make adequate changes and add more dynamic features in your web page .


We design web sites and also host the website for our customers. A web sites needs to be updated.We get special discounts for our clients.


Alibaba offers web hosting , cloud computing and various others virtual cervices at a reasonable rate . We are in agreements with Alibaba to get special offers.

Host Gator

We have services from hostgators , we design customised web sites and applications . Our team offers 24 x 7 services to sail the websites .