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Edukrafts.com is the just an online version of an efficient ,tested and successful model of education , just within the courtyard of formal education system. We strongly believe that  education is an art of developing the faculty within our own self ,so that the current of expressions can be brought under WILL. . I have been the the chosen one to meet these guys , I worked with them , i teach them something but I learnt mare from you guys.


Sakshi Singh

A student of  NEET , now she is studying in a medical school im Mumbai..

Jaden Kalan

Jaden Kalan

A student of Mainbai Bajaj International school. He opted Maths(HL), Physics(HL) and Chemistry(HL).


Parth Malhotra

A student of Oberoy International School . He opted IB Mathematics(HL) and Physics(HL)

Yash Meheta

A student of Oberoy International School . He opted IB Mathematics(HL) and Physics(HL)

Hemant Desai

A student of IB International School , He studied IB Mathematics(SL) and physics(HL)


Ameesh Lodha

A student of Dheerubhai International School , He studied IB Mathematics(SL) and physics(HL)


Mr Kanak Kuelkar

DJ Sanghvi Engieering college , Chemical Engineer , Now after his MS , He lives in USA. A Great human being , humble , very determined , hardworker.


Mr Sagar Bhatia

Mr Sagar Bhatia is a young business leader , a commerce student of HR college , he likes mathematics and designing. He is doing his BMS final year from HR college.


Mr Krish Karkera

Mr Krish Karkera mechanical Engineer , Business leader and great human beings. His presence itself reminds his weight and acumen. He is avid designers of mechanical tools.


Mr Mansoor Saikh

Mr Mansoor Saikh is my first student of Mumbai , He is good listener and great learner . He has done his BCOm ,MBA now works as Business Executive in JP Morgan.


Ms Amelia Desouza

Former Podar IB student , a great human being , Computer designers and artist . She is now doing her masters in the field of creative desiging and arts.


Mr Geet Rajani

Mr Geet Rajani is an Electronics Engineer from Thadomal Sahani college . He is also a good listener and astute business leader . He is currently working with Performics and Business developers.


Mr Tarab Mahendiratana

Mr Tarab Mahendritana is a student of Kodaikanal International School , He is good in Mathematics and has great zeal for Physics, String Theory , M theory .


Mr Indrojit Ghosh

Mr Indrojit Ghosh is master designer , crafters and a true dreamer . He is designer of many startups and owns a software company dealing with Artificial intelligence and its applications.


Mr Samarth Shetty

Mr Samarth Shetty is a chemical Engineer and great manager. He is so hubble and polite , He is now working in an MNC as Business Manager .


Mr Viraj Lele

Mr Viraj Lele is production engineer , along with MS degree from US .



Mr Akash Bohra

Mr Akash Bohra  a computer geek , music designer and master of many Software  in the field of Music .


Mr Sharan Narayanan

Mr Sharan Narayanan is a Mechanical Engineer with more interest in Computer Engineering .


Ms Srushti Bhatt

Ms Srushti Bhatt is BBA,MBA and owner of online Business http:// www.easeyourlife.com . She likes to travel and has keen interest in Business development.


Ms Jennifer Syed

Mr Jennifer Syed is an electronics and electrical engineer from SRM College of Engineering . She has done her MBA now lives and works in USA.


Ms Deepa Ramrakhiani

Ms Deepa Ramrakhiani is IT enginneer ,final semester, secured job in Delloite .A SSJP programmer and Android Application developer.


Mr Hritik Chopra

A Podar IGCSE and IB student of great Calibre and potential. He is hardworking and keen learner.


Mr Abir Suri

Mr Abir Suri has done BAF,MCom now doing MBA(Finance) from Singapore University. He is smart , astute and shrude business leader.


Mr Arjun Iyer

Mr Arjun Iyer , a science student , a law graduate , now he is showing interest in Drama , Stage performance and public speech.


Mr Gaurav Lekhranjani

Gaurav Lekhranjani is a Dheerubhai Ambani International school  , now pursuing management and Business development discipline.


Mr Adreet Agarwal

Mr Adreet Agarwaal is very talented and keen learner . He has powerful mathematical and reasoning abilities.


Mr Alok Chitnis

Mr Alok Chitnis  is a Mechanical Engineer, mathematician , a former RJIITian and now he lives in US after doing his MS.

Sasha Jawahiri

Ms Sasha Jawahiri

Ms Sasha Jawahiri has done  IT Engineering from Thadomal Sahani Engineering College.



Mr Omar patni

Mr Omar Patni is student of  Mechanical Engineering . He has scored good grades marks.

Mr Asad Sidiqui

A computer science student of Rizvi Engineering college . He enjoys Mathematics and computer Science.


Ms Shivika Adhywaryu

Ms Shivika Adhwaryu is SIES  IB student after doing her IB , now she is pursuying her masters in USA..



Ms Rashi Talreja

Ms Rashi talrej was a student of Podar School . She joined HR college of commerce .


Mr Craig Menenzes

Craig Menenzes in a an BE (Coms) , now doing Masters in Business Informationin Mohnish University Australia.

Mr Junaid Patel

Mr Junaid patel is a student of RJIT mumbai. He has good communication skill and programming.


Miss Kaijin Pardiwala

Ms Kaijin a student of ST Xavier College Mumbai and she is doing a cource in Science.


Mr Nishit Shah

Nishit Shah is a student of Mithibai College and now doing science in electronics in Mumbai university.

Ms Drishti Gwalini

Drishti Gwalini is a fashion blogger appreciated by Mumbai fashion world as budding designer with impeccable taste and elegance.

Mr Krishna Chabria

He is a budding software designers and exponent of modern software tools


Mr Navid Kagalwala

navid kagalwala is a student of NMIMS and pursuing his BTech in Information technology.